About Comfipaws

Welcome to comfipaws.com!


Our Brand

We build pet products that are fashionable, enjoyable and easy to use, with a focus on 100% safty and cozy for your beloved pet.

We are always puts the needs of pets first, looking for and discovering ways to make your pet's life healthier and happier.

We are committed to providing quality life for every pet family.


Our Vision

Comfipaws self-cleaning cat litter box has automatic smart cleaning function really free your hands, no longer need to kneel and scoop. And you don't need to worry about the cat's poop business even if you go on a trip. In order to protect the cat's sensitive sense of smell, Comfipaws cat litter box also specially adopts with electronics ionic deodorrizer, which is safe and non-toxic, providing a fresh environment for cat family at all times.


Our Commitment

Even cats will appreciate having a completely clean litter box for each visit. As pet owners, only by paying more attention to the physical and mental health of pets can they be with us happily forever.


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